Prema entha Madhuram Priyuraalu Antha Kathinam Review – 3/5

Prema Entha Madhuram Priyuraalu Antha Kathinam movie review

Prema Entha Madhuram Priyuraalu Antha Kathinam movie review

Prema entha Madhuram Priyuraalu Antha Kathinam Review – 3/5

Cast: Chandrakanth, Pallavi Dora, Radhika Mehrotra

Director: Gowardhan Gajjala

Banner: Third I creations

Introduction: Director Gowardhan Gajjala’s debut movie under the third I creations banner ‘Prema Entha Madhuram Priyuralu Antha Kathinam’ released today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: Hero (Chandrakantha) falls for the heroine (Radhika Mehrotra) in an airport. It was a love at first sight. He meets her in an airport in the US, hence he starts a hunt for her in nearby cities of the airport. He comes to know that Radhika stayed as a  tenant in Pallavi’s house. So, to get information about Radhika, he too joins Pallavi’s house as a tenant. He tries to get information about Radhika from Pallavi but he couldn’t evoke any response in that way. Meanwhile, Pallavi falls in love with the hero knowing him all the while. She proposes to him, but he rejects her. What happens to this triangle love story forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: The story takes place in the US. Though this is an old-school formula story, the director has shown it in a novel different way. The scenes between the hero and heroine and Pallavi revenge scenes were good. Especially the scenes when Pallavi’s soul reigns Radhika’s body were good. As this is an old-school formula story at one point the audience knows what happens next and hence loses interest in the story. At the point, comedy scenes come as a relief in an otherwise boring film. Pallavi’s acting was good in the second half. Scenes where Radhika behaves as Pallavi could be shot even better. As a girl born and raised in the US, Pallavi wears shorts many times which she carried with ease. Though this is everyone’s first film respectively all did well. Debutant director Gowardhan got the right output from the cast.

Performance: Hero Chandrakanth’s acting is good. Two heroines were okay too.

Technical aspects: Even though this is a very stereotyped story, the director showed it in a different way. Music is good. Editing could have been sharp. Production values are good.

Finally: It’s an okay love story.

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