Natakam Movie Review

Natakam Movie Review

Natakam Movie Review

Movie: Natakam

Director : Kalyanji Gogana

Producers : Sri Saidip Chalta, Radhika Srinivas, Praveen Gandhi, Uma Kuchipudi

Music Director : Sai Kartheek

Starring : Ashish Gandhi, Ashima Narwal

Cinematographer : Anji

Release Date: 28th September 2018

Ashish Gandhi and Ashima Narwal starrer Natakam, directed by Kalyanji Gogana, has hit the theaters today on 28th September 2018. Recently released trailer of Natakam has already created lot of buzz and increased the eagerness of the audience to watch the movie.  Let’s see the story line of Natakam.

 Story: Natakam is based in small village of Chitalapudi. Koti (Ashish Gandhi) is a happy go lucky guy and his family wants him to settle down by marrying someone. Soon Koti comes in the contact of Parvati (Ashima Narwal) and falls for her. He decides to marry her but the twist arises in the tale when he comes to know that their love is interlinked with a chain snatching group in the village. What happens next? Who is Parvati? How their love is interlinked with chain snatching group? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

Plus Points:

Performance of Ashish Gandhi

Glamour of Ashima Narwal




Minus Points:


Performance: One of the major assets of Natakam is the presence of Ashish Gandhi. He is the heart and soul of this film. Ashish Gandhi carries the movie on his shoulder. He looks handsome and performs well especially in emotional scenes. He attracts with his expressions and emotions showing variations in different scenes. Ashima Narwal  impresses the audiences with her glamour. The actor who essays the role of  cop in the film is good. The rest of the caste performed accordingly.

Technical: The story is fresh and interesting. The dialogues are good and meaningful. The production values of Rizwan Entertainment and the producers Sri Sai deep Chatla, Radhika srinivas, Praveen are top notch. They did not compromise with the quality of the movie.  The music scored by Sai Kartheek is good but the placement of the songs look like speed breaker. His background score also impressed all. The cinematography by Anji  is pleasant with pleasing visuals.  The editing is good.

Analysis: Overall Natakam is  agood entertainer movie that has something for everybody. The first half is good and the 2nd half is filled with a lot of emotional and heart touching dialogues. Ashish Gandhi ‘sextraordinary performance is the plus point of Natakam.

 Rate: 3.25/5

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