Lovers Club Review – 3/5

Lovers club movie review

Lovers club movie review

Lovers Club Review – 3/5

Cast: Anish Chandra, Pavani

Director: Dhruv Sekhar

Banner: Plan B entertainment with Sreya Art Creations

Introduction: Directed by newbie Dhruv Sekhar under the banner Plan B Entertainments movie titled ‘Lovers Club’ hit theaters today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: Rishi (Anish Chandra) runs a lovers club. He is passionate towards lovers and he solves their problems. Getting lover married, taking care of any problems in the lover path is his job. He spearheads many love marriages and hence becomes popular through his lovers club and its activities. As a result, he becomes a target for many families, many of them were planning to take a hit at him. On the other hand, Geetha (Pavani) happens to be his house tenant. Rishi at the first sight of Geetha falls for her. Determined to win her love, he tries hard to the extent that he wouldn’t even fall for the bait when she said she was already married. Amazed by his sincerity and determination Geetha too starts loving him. Later, Auto driver Raju (Aryan) loves Rani (Poorni) from a well to do family. Raju’s brother is hell-bent on their love and also was contracted to kill Rishi. How does Rishi escape murder conspired against him, why did he start lovers club are to be watched on screen.

Analysis: Director should be given the credit for making this movie a family watch movie. Though being a youth story he took precautions not to include overboard romantic scenes. He showcased the current trend and mentality of youth. Few scenes were close to the reality as they were based on real-life incidents. The best thing about this film is that it is not boring. Even though all the actors were new they did well. Especially Anish Chandra fits the bill. The story of a man who lost his leg for love is heart touching. Few comedy scenes were too good. On top of everything, it surprises everyone that this movie is shot on iPhone. When the budget for movie making is sky-rocketing, this movie team shot the movie on iPhone and released the movie deserves an applause.

Performance: Anish Chandra did very well. Pavani’s acting skills were better in this movie compared to her previous movies. Raju, Rani characters in the second half were good. The rest of the cast was okay.

Technical aspects: Though the story is old school, the director handled this well. Their efforts are to be appreciated for making this movie through iPhone. Production values are adequate.

Finally: Lovers club is okay

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